Windows, Xbox One, PS4

Fast-paced rogue-lite action featuring procedural weapons and environment, hordes of enemies and bosses.

Available now on Steam!


Save the World!

Play as DevTech Labs’ fearless intern, Dewey Owens in! It’s up to Dewey to master the ultimate combat simulator. Fighting through waves of alien interlopers in a simulation designed to create the ultimate weapon, players will unlock exciting new classes all while gaining powerful abilities in their journey to create the HYPERGUN!

Build the HYPERGUN!

Create the HYPERGUN – With over 150 weapon modules to collect, no two runs in the simulation will be the same. Each module you pick up will change your weapon in exciting and sometimes questionable ways, all in the name of determining the ultimate weapon to defeat our alien oppressors.

Unlockable Classes and Abilities

Unlock your co-worker’s simulation profiles to gain access to a selection of more than 40 unique abilities to gain the upper hand in the simulation.